Cody Lucich is a Native American filmmaker from the Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe of Northern California. He is a director, editor, and DP, known for his highly stylized edits and for creating mood in both production and post. He is of mixed decent but identifies primarily with his indigenous roots and the communities in which he grew up in. He was raised by his mother Denise Davis (Maidu) who is a traditional basket-weaver and contemporary painter. He has directed shot and edited commercial work for such companies as Nike, Toyota, Vice, Best Buy, Joes Jeans, Peta, Panasonic, and many more. Schooled in thw LA film industry where he honed his craft, long has he wanted to come back to his communities and make films. ‘Akicita’ is his first endeavor in doing so.

Deeply rooted in Indigenous resistance his mother traveled to D.C. and fought for many traditional picking and gathering rights in the early 90’s and changed laws. His brother Geno Lucich, fought to bring back traditional Maidu Salmon spearing rights along the Feather river in 1999 when he was arrested, he then fought for 3 years in the courts for Maidu salmon rights and eventually won. Cody spent 8 months at the NODAPL resistance camp in Standing Rock North Dakota where he fought and documented the inner-most workings of the resistance. Supported by the Sundance film institute his goal was to create a historical piece that his people could learn from and also serve as a testament to the resistance in which the Native American people have fought and died for over many generations.