In the shadow of the largest Native American occupation since Wounded Knee, thousands of Water Protectors descend upon the Standing Rock Reservation to resist construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Told through a Native lens and with unprecedented access, Akicita captures the spirit of a movement and its people.


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Over 300 Tribes battled against the Morton County Sheriffs Department, Militarized Police, the National Guard, Big Oil, Tiger Swan Securities, and the United States Government. This resulted in the loss of over $5 billion dollars in delays, damages, and divestment from Big Oil and the corporations funding the Pipeline. The Film is an epic audio/visual journey through the occupation.

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Our 5 main characters are Indigenous Frontline Activists who were an integral part of the movement and some were the innermost architects of the NODAPL Resistance Campaign. AKICITA covers the resistance in great detail, serving as a roadmap on how to fight Corporations utilizing Non-Violent Direct Action.



For some, Standing Rock was a once in a lifetime moment to get up and fight for our Environment. For others, it’s a way of life and many Indigenous people are born into this reality. It’s no secret that Indigenous people are always leading the Environmental Battle and for many, we have the same Battles going on in our Ancestral Homelands. From mining, and damming up our rivers and waterways to fracking and oil pipelines poisoning our drinking water, we urge you to explore our digital map to find out how you can support an Indigenous led Movement in your area of the World and get involved! Coming Soon.

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When Government Laws and State Police protect the interests of Big Corporations over the People, Communities in America are forced to stand up for themselves. We will be offering Training Camps and Workshops in Non-Violent Direct Action and Media as a means to organize and fight back. To attend a Training Camp or Organize one in your Community, Contact Us.



To Host a Screening, Workshop or Discussion Panel in your Community, Contact Us.

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Join us as we push to bring the History of Standing Rock into textbooks at schools across the nation.

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